Perimeter Obtains Licence to Technology to Better Assess Tumor Margins

Perimeter Medical Imaging Inc., today announced the exclusive licence of Tornado Spectral Systems Inc.’s award winning OCTANE OCT spectrometer-on-chip for use in the field of tumor margin assessment.

OCTANE is a fully packaged, miniaturized turn-key solution optimized for OCT applications that matches the typical performance specifications of commercial OCT spectrometers with the added benefit of an ultra-robust, small and low-cost package.  In addition, OCTANE’s ability to offer polarization sensitivity will further enhance a clinician’s ability to discriminate between different tissue types such as benign and cancerous. 

OCTANE was recognized by the SPIE as a Prism Award Winner for 2014. The Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation is a leading international competition that honors the world’s best new photonic products on the market.

“OCTANE provides a valuable extension to Perimeter’s current tumor margin assessment platform and is an important part of our long term commercialization strategy, providing the ability to expand into offerings requiring more portable form factors or taking less space in already crowded surgical suites.  Tornado is a recognized innovator in advanced spectroscopy and OCT imaging solutions and we are pleased be partnered with them to bring this valuable innovation to the tumor margin assessment market” said Paul Weber, Perimeter’s President and CEO.

“Tumor margin assessment is a very significant clinical issue” said Brad Schmidt, President and CEO of Tornado. “The combination of Tornado’s expertise in advanced optics and Perimeter’s market and clinical knowledge will drive impactful clinical solutions which will advance the current standard of care for these procedures.  We are excited to enter into this commercial partnership and anticipate continued collaboration and innovation on Perimeter’s margin assessment platforms”. 

About Tornado Spectral Systems Inc. 

 Tornado develops innovative spectroscopic instruments that utilize proprietary optical and nanophotonic technologies. Tornado’s spectroscopy instruments deliver rapid real-time discrimination across a wide range of non-destructive testing and chemical analysis applications for industrial process control.  Tornado patented solutions eliminate the trade-off between resolution and throughput to deliver maximum light to your focal plane.  Our suite of optical platforms have been designed for lab use, OEM integration, and to upgrade existing equipment.  Tornado is also developing ground‐breaking OCT (optical coherence tomography) on chip technology.  For more information, visit

About Perimeter Medical Imaging Inc. 

Perimeter Medical develops, patents, and commercializes advanced surgical imaging tools that allow surgeons, radiologists and pathologists to better assess microscopic tissue structures during the surgical procedure. Perimeter’s OTISTM is the only solution that provides clinicians with an ultra high resolution image of the entire surface of the removed tissue specimen, providing accurate information in real time, enabling better decisions and ultimately reducing the need for follow-on 2nd surgeries.   Perimeter is a privately owned Canadian company.  For more information, visit


Media Contact

Paul Weber, President and CEO
Perimeter Medical Imaging Inc.
(647) 504-4260

* CAUTION - OTIS is an investigational device limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.