VIDEO - Highlights from DC Finance Discussion Series - "Physician Perspectives: Improving Breast Cancer Outcomes with Perimeter’s Disruptive Medical Technology and AI”

DC Finance has built an international network of high-net worth individuals, family offices, and investors that today reaches over 2,000 families around the world representing over $500 billion in assets. Denny Chared, founder of DC Finance, recently hosted a webinar with Perimeter Medical Imaging AI (PINK.V) to get the physician's perspective on improving breast cancer outcomes with Perimeter's disruptive medical technology. Dr. Ted James, Chief of Breast Cancer Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Dr. Frank Prendergast, former Director Emeritus of the Mayo Clinic’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre joined Jeremy Sobotta, CEO of Perimeter to articulate how the company is working to transform breast cancer surgery with advanced, real-time, ultra-high resolution medical imaging technology and AI tools.

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